41 Special Wichita Classic by Reeder Custom Guns

Started life as a early 3 screw Ruger 357, serial no.9xxx.
It has a new 41 caliber barrel, 6 shot cylinder, steel grip, replaceable front sight base
all steel Reeder rear sight, steel ejector rod housing, fitted Belt Mountain base pin, Ivory Micarta grips
polished stainless pins and screws to offset the black Chromex finish and tuned action

41 Special Flat Top by Clements Custom Guns

Once a Ruger Flat Top 357 Mag.
Clements installed a pre-warning 41 Mag "take off" barrel, re-chambered the cylinder
custom front sight blade/base combo, Belt Mountain #5 base pin, cylinder leeds polished
trigger job, headspace and gap set, re-blued the complete gun.



Started with a Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter
Clements Custom Guns installed a 7 1/2" stainless steel barrel,
a custom front sight base with pinned post blade
a Bowen over-sized locking base pin
I added a Bowen rear target sight and a set of blind side rosewood grips