41 Magnum Quotes


                    The 41 Magnum fits nicely between the 357 and the 44 Magnum, just as the 16 gauge shotgun relates to the 20 gauge and 12 gauge.
                    And, friends, there's sure nothing wrong with the 16 gauge shotgun. The same is true of the 41 magnum.

                                                                                                                                                                                Sheriff Jim Wilson      ST March 2002

                    A 50-ounce .41 is markedly more controllable than a 44 magnum of the same weight- and will do anything the latter can over normal
                    handgun ranges.

                                                                                                                                                                               Al Miller    Handloader June 2000

                    The .41 is an excellent cartridge, and because of that, we need it.

                    The .41 is one of our best hunting rounds………

                                                                                                Skeeter Skelton     March 1969

                    If I were back in uniform, toting a big holstered revolver on my belt and limited to the use of factory ammo, there would be only one handgun
                    for me: the S&W 57 .41 Magnum


                                                                                                                                                                                Skeeter Skelton   December 1983


                    As Tim Sundles well knows I am a fan of the 41 Magnum I have no good reason for this other than the fact I LIKE them. When I worked (ha,ha,ha)
                    in a hunting camp most of the guys carried 44 or 357 mags. I decided I would be different (I know I don't need a 41 to be different) Tim is just curious
                    as to why we LIKE our 41s. There is no more good answer to this question than there is to why people like a 45 Auto or a 357 mag or the 44 mag or OK you
                    get the point. I LIKE the 41 mag because it gives me an excuse to buy another gun. Like most guns it is only as good as the shooter. If you choose to
                    use a 357 to hunt Brown Bear in
Alaska you better learn to shoot real well and say your Prayers. The 357 will work but there are guns out there that are
                    better for the job. I smile when I see how wound up we as shooters can get over a simple question about our favorite gun or dog. We need to learn not to
                    take these questions so personal. It is like pickups some folks choose to drive Fords and Chevys and others are foolish enough to drive a Dodge :)
                    Now why do you folks like your TRUCKS so much?

                                                                                                                                                                               Kelly Brost, Cast Performance     March 2002

                    Nothing at all wrong with the .41 Magnum....It is quite capable of killing most anything that the average Joe needs to shoot....be it man or beast.

                    South Louisiana feral hogs grow very large....a .41 Magnum will set them on the ground quite nicely. Cor-Bon used to have a 265 cast load for the
                    .41....it was extremely accurate out of my 4-5/8" NM Ruger. As for deer it is more than reliable....other choices may be had if the overly large and
                    biting types are your quarry. The .41 Magnum is a game killer....make no mistake about that! Others just prefer to use something else and that is
                    certainly OK. I guess it would depend on what type of game you may encounter in order for you to select the caliber of the handgun you carry.
                    I use a .41 Magnum a lot....I like it very much! Good Shootin'


                                                                                                                                                                                 Chuck Smith      March 2002